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Whats in it for me?

The Palto Corporate Wellness Program (PCWP) provides tools and resources to help businesses support employee health and wellness. By participating in PCWP, employers will learn how to implement evidence-based corporate wellness initiatives inside of the office and outside of the office to support the health of their employees, their businesses, and the communities in which they live and operate. Additionally, by participating in PCWP, employers have the opportunity to share their corporate wellness experiences and learn from each other.

How long does is the program?

There currently is a two step process to the PCWP which is a year long agreement. However studies show because the benefit of increased employee productivity, increase in sales, increase in customer service and more, partnering institutions extend their program far beyond the agreement.

What size business is this for?

Our program is for small, medium and large size companies.

Can we get the corporate wellness training online?

Our program training isn’t offered online. This due to do use adding a personal and custom approach to your organization, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Plus, we really enjoy interacting with you and your employees.