Chefs Table

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The Palto is unlike any other meal delivery or meal prep experience in Arizona. We work with local famers to get fresh produce when in season, we work with local ranchers to receive grass-fed proteins, we use the freshest ingredients for your meals. Our chef’s are determined to make a perfect new American menus that change with each harvest. The flavors of the Arizona terroir shine through each dish with the unique layering of flavors and exceptional uses of the local ingredients.

Tasting Menu

On Friday The Palto will deliver your meals. The A la carte menu is not available. You have the choice of doing either 5, 10 or 14 meals. Please let us know of any allergies, dietary restrictions or preferences so we can plan a menu for you.

Your Meal Delivery Experience

At The Palto, each dish is crafted to order and the dining experience is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. When reheating the meals please use a toaster oven or oven plan on reheating the meals for 10 mins or until hot on 400 degrees. Please contact us before your delivery with any dietary restrictions or requests. We are happy to accommodate most with advanced notice.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the local, seasonal, and handcrafted nature of The Palto experience we harvest, order, prep and staff the kitchen according to the number of reservations booked. The Palto requires a payment a week in advance to hold your reservation and subscription service. If you need to cancel your reservation or service for any reason, please do so at least a weeks notice in advance to avoid a charge of another week of meals.

The Palto Roasted Chicken Dish