HCG Diet

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HCG Diet 

HCG for Beginners

The HCG Diet is a medical supervised very low calorie diet, dieter consume 500-800 calories per day, done up to 40 days at a time. There is a very specific food list and layout of meals while taking the HCG hormone with specific dosages. It comes in three phases: Phase 1. For 2-3 days, dieters will eat high-fat, high-calorie foods while taking HCG shots. Phase 2. Weight-loss phase with the very low calorie diet, take HCG daily. Phase 3. Stabilize your weight lose by eating low carb for 3 weeks, no HCG will be taken during this time. 


When A.T.W Simeons, M.D. created this diet entitled A New Approach to Obesity in 1950. He was grappling with the fundamental problems of obesity for nearly forty years, he study thousands of cases. He mentioned that he researched and studies every new theory, method, promising lead, experimental screens and critically evaluated them as soon as they become known. However mostly all of the results were disappointing and lacked uniformity. 

He went on and talked about how he was determined to discover or created a protocol that will help end the obesity crises. However, he needed the requirements to be seem basic. He continued, stating that finding a cure is like a jog-saw puzzle, every clinical experience was an odd looking piece. And then as in a jig-saw puzzle, little clusters of fragments began to form. After 16 year of research and clinical trials, other doctors  from all over the world were starting to visit him in Italy to study his methods.

To conclude Dr. Simeon original manuscript, there are two important comments of the HCG protocol. First, the diet call for total of 500 calories over just two solid food meals for lunch and dinner. The second, the daily protocol calls for one 125 iu injection of HCG. People that participate in this diet are allowed to stay on this protocol for no longer than 40 day. Water, tea and coffee are without restrictions. 


Dr. Simeon made the diet easy to understand and basic. Breakfast consist of tea or coffee without sugar. This Simeon protocol requires the exact same meal to be eaten for lunch and dinner. Through most Dr. are more liberal and don’t require this. The solid food meal consists of 100 g or 3.5 oz of lean meats such as veal, beef, chicken breast, white fish or shellfish with all the visible fats removed. A signal type of vegetable is included wit the meal sun as spinach, tomatoes, celery, radishes, cabbage, or chard. One single breadstick or small piece of Melba toast, and an apple, organ, half grapefruit or handful o strawberries completes the solid food meal. This meal totals 250 calories and is ear two times. 

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