Success Story: Ricardo lost 240 pounds

Ricardo was morbidly obese with a range of metabolic issues and was seriously depressed. He started looking for answers to turn his life around and he found a video about the keto diet on YouTube:

My name is Ricardo, I’m 37 years and I’m from Hermosillo city in Mexico. I was 443 pounds (200 kilos), but right now my weight is 203 pounds (92 kilos). I lost 240 pounds (110 kilos) using keto and intermittent fasting.

In my health, I always felt tired and I suffered a few symptoms of metabolic damage like psoriasis (on the face and neck), pain in the lower back, swelling of the ankles and few others. Emotionally, I felt like a failure because I tried a lot of diets and products to lose weight but I never had success. People always talked about my weight, made fun of it or condemned me.

I always had to be careful with my body, with every move I did. I tried no to break chairs, beds, sofas and even car seats. It was really hard to find clothes because I was waist 54 and used 4XL shirts.

I wanted to show myself that I am worthy — that I was not a failure

- Ricardo

But the most painful was to be accused of “not loving myself“ because I could not lose weight even when I tried in a lot of ways. A few things happened that changed my life (all of them related to my weight). I entered a major depression and almost committed suicide… and by accident, I found a video about keto on Youtube video where a person talked about how he lost 88 pounds (44 kilos) in 6 months. I had never heard about keto before, so I decided to read about it and study it, and then try it. I wanted to show myself that I am worthy — that I was not a failure.

Actually, my health is very good now and all my health problems have gone away. I always have a lot of energy, with a lot of self-confidence and tons of clothes that fit and a completely different mood.

Follow keto and intermittent fasting in my experience has been easy. The only problems I had in the beginning were that there is not much info in Spanish (my native language) and that for me, it has been a little difficult to find certain foods where I live (mostly organic vegetables).

I wish had known about keto a few years earlier, my life would have been a lot different if I had known about it before. That’s actually why I’m writing a blog in Spanish and English ( where I talk about these things. I am writing a book too about the human/emotional aspects of losing weight and I am thinking of creating a YouTube channel in Spanish to help people because there is little info in this language.

Ricardo’s blog: KETO PICHT

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